• Synthesis of Cellulose-based Lithium Selective Adsorbents and Utilization of them in Batch Adsorption Studies (08.04.2019-12 months)

  • Hydrogen Production from Sucrose Solution by Photocatalytic Oxidation (01.01.2018-12 months)

  • Selective Conversion of Hazelnut Shell to Value-added Chemicals in Subcritical Water (05.02.2018-12 months)

  • Production of Bio-oil from Olive Branches and Leaves by Sub- and Supercritical Ethanol (15.01.2018-12 months)

  • Development of Catalysts for Selective Production of Value-added Chemicals from Cellulose in Hot-pressurized Water (December 2016-12 months)

  • Conversion of Olive Prunning Wastes into High-value Chemicals in the Liquid Phase by Using Subcritical Water (June 2015-12 months)

  • Degradation of Azo-dyes in Sub-critical Water Reaction Medium (September 2012-18 months)


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