Principal Investigator          Dr. Asli YUKSEL

The principal investigator, Dr. Yuksel is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Izmir Institute of Technology (referred as IZTECH). She is also department Vice-chair since January 2013.


Dr. Yuksel has a research experience in decomposition of organic contaminants in different types of wastewater and conversion of these organic wastes into high value chemicals by electrolysis in sub-critical water as a reaction medium without addition of catalyst, organic solvent or external oxidizer. She has completed her PhD study at Graduate School of Science and Technology in the field of New Frontier Sciences at Chemical Engineering Department of Kumamoto University. Dr. Yuksel participated in several research projects related to conversion of glycerin inside the biodiesel wastewater into value-added chemicals such as lactic acid, complete degradation of azo-dyes from textile wastewater (funded by Global Center of Excellence-Acceleration Research in Japan), Technology Development for High Efficiency Biomass Energy Conversions (funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in Japan), Development of Effective Detoxification Technology of Persistent Organic Wastewater by Hydrothermal Electrolysis (funded by Ministry of Environment of Japan).

For more information about Dr. Yuksel, her CV is available here.

In addition to the graduate students listed below, every semester two undergraduate students joined Dr. Yuksel's research group to help the experimental works for this Marie Curie project.


He is a doctoral course student. Okan is a research assistant at Chemical Engineering Department at IZTECH. In HYDELTECH project, he mainly works on the simulation of heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction mechanism in the hydrothermal electrolysis system, design of the electrodes and production of value added chemicals from biomass under the influence of current in sub-critical water. 

He was a master course student. In this Marie Curie project, he studied hydrothermal degradation of biomass without any current. His all experiments were carried out under hydrothermal conditions. He examined the effects of reaction temperature, pressure, degradation time and external oxidizer addition on the degradation of biomass and product distribution in both gas and liquid phases. He graduated in 2015 and returned to Kazakhstan. He is now working at a chemical company in his country. 


He is a doctoral course student and a research assistant at Chemical Engineering Department at IZTECH. He is working on hydrothermal degradation of different biomass sources (olive thin branches and leaves) and examines the effect of different reaction parameters on the product distribution of olive pruning waste in HYDELTECH project.


She has recently joined Dr. Yuksel’s research group as a master student. She has started to do extraction of valuable chemicals from waste hazelnut shell under hydrothermal conditions.


He is about to complete his master study at the Department of Chemical Engineering at IZTECH. He mainly wirks on the valorization of hazelnut shell waste by producing high value chemicals under hydrothermal conditions for HYDELTECH project.


He has recently joined Dr. Yuksel’s research group at the same time with Duygu Şengün. He is working on the complete mineralization of olive mill wastewater with a batch reactor.


She worked on the effects of some pre-treatment processes on the product distribution from olive thin branches and leaves. She is now working at a company in Izmir.